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    UIL has been the most meaningful and most challenging part of high school for me. My coaches pushed me to my creative limits and encouraged me to take risks. I have had to become assertive and go after things that are important to me, and work hard at them. I learned to follow someone else’s lead, be creative, and become a leader myself. Rebekah Peyton, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
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    Whether I was performing a solo for UIL solo and ensemble contest or competing in current issues and social studies events, competitive UIL allowed me to experience the value of preparation and hard work, the perseverance it takes to succeed, and the relationship between education and success. Austen Whaley, Tarleton State University
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    School always failed to challenge me, and every day I looked forward to UIL practice after school where I could learn and be challenged. UIL also put me in the society of other individuals that edified my learning and my character. I owe so much of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve done to UIL; I wouldn’t be a sliver of the person that I am today without it. Michelle Alanis, The University of Texas at Austin
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    From early morning car rides to late nights waiting on results, I wouldn't trade these experiences for the world. I have learned to be a respectful, kind, and gracious competitor, all while learning to be a powerful speaker, actor, and communicator. The UIL has moved me to become an educator and help students achieve excellence. The impact UIL has had on my life is far greater than any medal I have received. Logan Allen, Ranger College
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    Above all, competition in UIL has taught me the true meaning of dedication. Not only did I dedicate more than a dozen hours each week to educating myself in regards to my event, but I also proved my competence and the sincerity of my efforts through my attendance of meets. Dedicating most of my high school career to my improvement in this event has given me the will to continue with my education and achieve my goals. Brianna Massey, Texas A&M-Commerce
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    The University Interscholastic League has inspired me to become a better performer, student, and human being. The values of competition and camaraderie I learned through my time with the UIL are lessons I will carry into my collegiate experience. Thank you UIL, for providing me with the opportunity to truly grow. Kevin King, The University of Texas at Austin
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TILF Success Stories

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Meet Logan DeBord, TILF Scholar and rider in the Texas 4000 from Austin to Anchorage.

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Need tips on creating your scholarship resume? Look no further.

2015 TILF Scholars

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All recipients have been selected for 2015. Are you a lucky winner of a TILF scholarship?

Latest News


TILF Success Stories: Meet Logan DeBord

A three-time UIL Academic State champion in high school, Logan DeBord was an unstoppable force from the beginning of his involvement in UIL during elementary school. “I was involved in the precursors to high school academic events even in elementary school—things like Music Memory, Listening Skills, and Maps, Graphs, & Charts,“ he said.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Rebecca Roberts

Hailing from Gainesville, Rebecca Roberts became involved with UIL the first year she walked the halls of S&S Consolidated High School. “UIL was always a strongly encouraged extracurricular activity in my high school. S&S has a history of state qualifications in several events so our coaches were extremely experienced and proficient in the coaching process,” she said.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Morgan Wallace

Growing up, Morgan Wallace was surrounded by music. “My mom is a musician. When I was young music was always a part of my family, but was never pushed on me. I saw she played piano at church and sang and I wanted to do that.”



TILF Success Stories: Meet Jeremy Binagia

Breaking the mold is not out of the ordinary for Jeremy Binagia. So when he was chosen as a research fellow for Purdue University, he didn’t settle for just white coats and goggles. Alongside a team of researchers, he and his colleagues ran a series of simulations that depict how bacteria communicate as part of an 11-week program sponsored by Purdue.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Lindsey Parker

Walking into her internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational accounting firm, Lindsey Parker was more than prepared. With years of competition in UIL Computer Applications under her belt, she was able to bring her expertise to the new Tax, Technology, and Compliance practice of the firm.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Kathryn English

Whenever asked, Kathryn English always tells people that her hometown of Denver City, Texas is “incredibly classic, and in the middle of nowhere.” When she discovered UIL speech contests, her world grew just a little larger.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Evan Ott

Designing a college course and writing your own textbook are not easy ideas to execute. TILF Scholar Evan Ott says he wouldn’t have had the audacity to even think of doing either without having been involved in UIL in high school.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Michael Donaldson

Sitting nervously in a second round of internship interviews, Michael Donaldson, freshman, attempted to describe his philosophy about the University Interscholastic League.

“UIL is a bridge to success for students,” he said, “And the people who lead them are the lights, but there are pillars—that’s what holds up the bridge—and those are the people you don’t know about. Those are the interns.”

And now Michael is one of them, a strong support for the organization’s success.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Jordan Ivie

TILF Scholar Jordan Ivie doesn’t exactly remember her first UIL experience. It’s simply been too long since she started participating in elementary school. What’s become unforgettable is the first regional competition of her high school career.     

“As a freshman, I thought I had no chance of making it to state, especially since I had not done very well at district,” Jordan said. “I was not even going to stay for the results posting.”
As she was leaving the meet, Jordan was stopped by a friend’s frenzied footsteps and shouts in her direction.

“All I could hear was “first, first!,” and it took me a long time to understand that I had won first and was going to state! As a freshman!,” she said. “I didn’t expect it at all and it really helped shape the identity of who I was in high school. I was the ‘Girl Who Wrote’ and it was largely because of that.”



TILF Success Stories: Meet Chelsea Bryant

While other kids might be mortified at the idea of public speaking, TILF Scholar Chelsea Bryant was never embarrassed to stand up and speak.

Growing up, she had the makings of a good orator - outgoing, passionate, understanding - and Chelsea pursued that potential in junior high by participating in UIL.

“Now that I’m in college, I can say joining my school’s UIL program was the best decision I ever made because of every lesson it taught me,” she said. “Some of them were trivial (like learning how to make a meal out of convenience store food coming back from a tournament at 2 am), but most of them are ones I carry with me everyday.”



TILF Success Stories: Meet Kasi Dickerson

TILF Scholar Kasi Dickerson was bitten by the journalism bug early in life.

Jeanette Germany, a journalism teacher and Kasi’s mother, said she used to call the dark room the “magic room.”

“She loved watching the images appear on the photo paper,” Germany said. “Without even knowing it, I think [that’s where] her passion for photography began.”



Making Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You

Many people say that when looking for a job, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. LinkedIn, with over 225 million users as of June 2013, is a great place to use social media for professional networking. With so many prospective employers viewing LinkedIn profiles when making decisions about who to interview and hire, it’s important that you have a strong, active profile. And with LinkedIn’s recent release of an educational networking system, building a good profile is important not only to job seekers, but also to those who are looking at colleges.

Here are five good tips to make your LinkedIn profile great:



TILF Success Stories: Meet Sai Gourisankar

As a college freshman, TILF Scholar Sai Gourisankar leapt into research that could revolutionize the way we see cells. How did he get started?

“I just emailed the professor,” he said, referring to Professor Keith P. Johnston, in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. “I thought his research was cool.”



How to Create an Effective Scholarship Resume

Like many scholarship organizations, TILF asks students to submit a resume of their experience. Since you may not have much in the way of job experience as a high school senior, there are many other topics you can cover. Here are five suggestions:



TILF Success Stories: Meet Kevin Matula

It’s 2013, and in this odd-numbered year, one of our own TILF scholars was working to begin a journey in public service at the Texas State Capitol. Kevin Matula spent the spring semester of his sophomore year as a staffer in the Texas State Legislature.



TILF Success Stories: Meet Alysha Joseph

TILF scholar Alysha Joseph dared to take on college as a junior in high school. Through the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) program, Alysha has the unique opportunity of performing research, taking coursework, and living on a college campus before other students her age.

“I love to be challenged - UIL was one avenue for me to accomplish this,” she said.




TILF Success Stories: Meet Neil Rabroker

TILF Scholar Neil Rabroker came to Texas A&M University his freshman year knowing and loving accounting. “I ended up making a 100 in the first financial accounting honors class and then got asked to be the TA for the class,” he said. “I am one of the first sophomores to do it, and thank the UIL accounting program completely for it.”

Neil joined the UIL accounting team as a sophomore, after taking the class offered at Rosebud-Lott High School. He placed in State as a sophomore and returned the next year looking for victory. “I ended up tying for first place with one miss on the test to win the 2A title,” he recalled. “My senior year, I again started strong by winning all seven of the invitational meets that I attended.” Winning with Neil along the way was the Rosebud-Lott High School accounting team, which won the state title in 2009. The team returned to the UIL State Meet in 2011, a “really memorable” time for Neil. Thirty minutes before his test began, Neil was stung by a bee—twice—in the neck.




UT Banquet Huge Success

Each February, TILF hosts a banquet for recipients at The University of Texas, their donors, Board members, and UIL Academic staff. This year's event was a great success, with a record turnout of TILF Scholars eager to share their stories.




TILF Success Stories: Meet Jacob Troublefield

Like any “new kid,” Jacob Troublefield moved to Blanco High School his junior year looking to make new friends. UIL, he thought, would be great way to meet more people.

As an upperclassman, Jacob competed in Cross Examination Debate, Current Events, Social Studies, and One-Act Play.



Show me the money!

It's February, which means it's spring disbursal time for all current TILF Scholars. Funds will go out to colleges on February 4th. If you don't see funds in your college financial aid account by February 19th, please let me know so we can troubleshoot.



2013 Celebration of Academic Excellence Banquet

Each year, the TILF hosts a banquet at the University of Texas at Austin, where nearly 40% of our recipients are enrolled. Invitees include TILF Board members, donors, UIL staff, and all of our TILF Scholars who attend UT-Austin.